Fighting like cats with AK-47s

What it is

LIFT is yet another LIsp Framework for Testing. It started out firmly in the SUnit / JUnit mold but has evolved to include better unit testing features and system test features as well. It also has a much spunkier acronym.

The best place to get an overview of LIFT and its features is in the user's guide. Though still a work in progress, it covers all of LIFT's basic features and many of its more advanced ones too.

TINAA documentation for LIFT is available.

Those with an archeological bent might find the following interesting:

The externals of LIFT haven't changed too much though the implementation has been improved...

Mailing Lists

Where is it is slowly switching from darcs to git for source control; the current LIFT repository is on github and you can clone it using:

git clone git:// 

LIFT is also ASDF installable. Its CLiki home is right where you'd expect.

There's also a handy gzipped tar file.

What is happening

10 April 2010 - moved to git; lots of other stuff too but it's all undocumented :-(.

1 March 2008 Much excitement and new features. If only someone would write up the documentation.

19 July 2007 LIFT does reports

23 June 2007 Scads of improvements in loads of places. The user's guide has the details.

18 Nov 2005 Finally get LIFT to an increasingly grateful (?!) world.